Beautiful travel events in Norway

Norway, a country belonging to Northern Europe, has a very cold climate. That is because Norway is located in the North Pole. It is special that most of the territory of the state of Norway is located north of 60 north latitude. Also, about one third of the country is located in the Arctic Circle.

Therefore, it is possible to observe the aurora or the northern lights very well from some parts of Norway. In this way, Norway, which has a very cold climate, has many wonderful tourist events. This is going to tell you information about 5 beautiful places.

1). Troltanga Hills

There are many beautiful mountain regions in Norway. One such area is on the western edge of the Hardangervidda National Park. The rock ridge called Troltanga, which is located there, takes the shape of a huge human tongue. Located at a height of 1180 meters above sea level, this place is most popular among tourists. That’s because you can see beautiful views of the surroundings from the natural rocky platform there.

There is a beautiful lake called Ringedalsvatnet in the Trolltanga mountain area. The lake is surrounded by small rocky mountains, adding to its beauty. There are also several small waterfalls in the area around Ringedalsvatnet lake. Therefore, a large group of tourists come here almost every day. This is also a popular place among mountaineers.

2). Vigeland Sculpture Park

Vigeland Park is located in Frogner Park, the largest public park in Oslo, the capital of Norway. The park was designed by Gustav Vigeland, one of the most famous sculptors who lived in Norway. Hence it got the name Vigeland Park.

Its construction was done between 1939-1949. It was a sad event that Wiegland was not alive when the park opened. The park features more than 200 different sculptures by Wiegland. It is special that there are 58 bronze sculptures among them. The sculptures were completed by Wiegland between 1925-1933.

A beautiful sculpture has been built from a large block of stone at the highest point of Vigeland Park. It depicts 121 people climbing and clinging to each other. Sinnataggan or Angry Boy is another unique sculpture that can be seen in this park.

The sculpture depicts the image of an angry male child. Among the sculptures here, another one attracts the attention of many people. It is a sculpture of a man holding three babies. There is an opinion that the sculpture depicts a father who is taking responsibility for the children. The Vigeland Sculpture Park has become popular among tourists from all over the world as many such wonderful sculptures have been built.

3). Brixdal Glacier

Most of the glaciers are found around the state of Norway located in the North Pole. Among them, Brixdal Glacier is a place that has no less tourist attraction. This is located in the western part of Jostedal Glacier, which is the largest glacier in Europe.

This glacier is believed to have been created 2500 years ago. 88% of this glacier with a size of 10.4 square kilometers is located on a glacier plateau 1500 meters above sea level. Briksdalsvatnet lake is one of the most beautiful places found in the vicinity of this glacier.

The Brixdalen Valley, located near the Brixdal Glacier, is a beautiful area full of natural vegetation. There, tourists have the opportunity to see waterfalls, rivers, lakes, animals, plants and flowers. As such, it is an area where tourists hang out more. A few decades ago, tourists who came here crossed the glacier with the help of horses.

Today, the people who come here have been able to cross the glacier very easily. It was with the introduction of troll cars to cross this glacier from 2004. Several restaurants have also been built on the way to the glacier, so tourists can now travel without any difficulty.

4). Vinnufossen waterfall

Vinnufossen waterfall is a wonderful tourist event that many tourists visiting Norway must see. That is because it has become the highest waterfall in Europe. This great waterfall with a height of 865 meters and a width of 38 meters is also considered as the 7th highest waterfall in the world. It is located east of Sundalsora village in More og Romsdal county.

This beautiful waterfall is fed by the Vinnufonna glacier, which is part of the Vinnu River, which flows from Vinnufjellet mountain. Because the Vinnufossen waterfall is fed by a very small glacier, the water capacity of the entire waterfall is low. Therefore, the waterfall does not fall down beautifully. The best time to visit this waterfall is between June and August. That is because in those months the summer season is coming to Norway.

5). Heddle Stave Church

Hedal Stave Church is one of the few buildings of ancient value in Norway. Built in the 13th century, this church is 25 meters long and 17 meters wide. Consisting of 3 beautiful towers, the tallest tower of this church is 29 meters high.

It is special that only pine wood (ore-pine) was used for the construction of this building. 180 people can gather at one time in the church built in this way. It has been written in historical sources that this church, which was built according to the architectural techniques of the Middle Ages, was renovated several times in the past few centuries.

According to those sources, the church got its present appearance after the renovations done in 1952-1954. Usually more tourists come to visit this mosque during summer. At that time, things like weddings and baptisms are held in this church.

Because of the historical value of the Hedel Stave Church, not only local tourists but also foreign tourists hold their wedding ceremonies here. Therefore, at the present time, the Hedel Stave Church has become the most famous among tourists in Europe.


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