A chance for your voice – Kaduwela Samagi Youth Corps Youth Workshop – lead by Hirunika

The Kaduwela Constituency Organizer of Samagi Jana Balawega, Mrs Hirunika Premachandra recently conducted workshops for the youth of Samagi Jana Balavega in Kaduwela.

Nearly seventy-five young people have participated in these events.

The purpose of this was to gather the young people in the Kaduwela Constituencyand give them the opportunity to give them a voice by giving them an opportunity to present their ideas and suggestions.

A Facebook page related to positive thinking was also launched during this health meeting.

The event was organized as a friendly meeting, and the young people who came here also had the opportunity to sing songs. And the youth also questioned the Kaduwela Constituency Organizer regarding the outlook of Samagi Jana Balawega.


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