Google is reportedly working on new AI features in Chrome

Google is working on a new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered search engine and is also planning to add new features on the existing one, a report claimed Google is expected to announce these new features next month. It also said that the company has explored multiple AI tools.

According to a report by The New York Times, Google has also explored multiple AI-powered tools that are in various stages of development.

AI tools to search music, generate images

Citing a Google director wrote in a document, the report said that efforts have been explored to let people use Google Earth’s mapping technology with help from AI and search for music through a conversation with a chatbot.

Other product ideas include a tool called GIFI that would use AI to generate images in Google Image results. Microsoft recently announced that its AI image generator for Edge is now available for all users on desktop. It is powered by DALL-E deep learning models developed by ChatGPt creator OpenAI and creates realistic images from a description in natural language.

There is a mention of Tivoli Tutor, an AI tool which would teach users a new language through open-ended AI text conversations. Google is said to be working on another product called Searchalong that would let users ask a chatbot questions while surfing the web through Google Chrome.

“People might ask the chatbot for activities near an Airbnb rental, for example, and the AI tool would scan the page and the rest of the internet for a response,” the report mentioned.

Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently said that the company has more powerful large language models that will improve the quality of results offered by its chatbot Bard. He said that the company has been cautious in its approach because AI is prone to generating false statements.


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